Perfect Imperfection

The Lesson In A Commission

For a long time now, I have known that my work carried an intension that could be felt by being in the presence of it.  Over time I realized it carried an activation that opened a portal to ones Higher Self. I can’t exactly explain how I know this, I can only say that when one opens themselves up to hearing messages from God and the Universe you begin to create your own personal language that leads you down a path to your Divine Purpose. This is what I hope for all my fellow travelers, that you find the answers within.

This commission started with a text from my friend Lori who was about to celebrate her 19th wedding anniversary. She wanted me to make a glass heart with a crack in it to symbolize how her heart had endured even though it had been broken by the things her and her husband had been through in their lives. Lori is the real deal when it comes to friendship and has the type of resilience that comes from love, so I was excited to make this for her.

The way this art making process works for me is that it starts with a need, someones wants some art. It creates a back and forth dialog that allows the art to speak to me through the process of making it. I eventually learned to give the art space to evolve and be what it needs to be to the individual viewer. So I began this commission without expectation. I put the heart in my kiln with an aggressive firing schedule that would normally crack the glass on the way up to a peak fusing temp and then fuse it back together once that max temp was reached. The final effect would be a solid piece with a scar where the crack once was.

When the kiln cycle was finished I was surprised to find that glass did not break. In that moment I heard “They were never broken.” This is the same message I had received while making an installation for the Highlands Ranch Hospital about a year ago yet the hospital has yet to post the intention to the public. So it didn’t  surprise me that this message was coming through again for me and the Collective. That is how Divine messages work. If you don’t see it the first or second time, it will be shown to you from a different perspective, louder and louder until you finally acknowledge and honor it.

The story didn’t end there. For a while now I have been waiting for my version of the "big break." Waiting for the moment when someone would have an awakening or a sudden burst of insight in the presence of my work. I was looking for some outside validation to the power the art could have and some testimony that would prove it did what I knew it could. It became clear this lack of evidence was holding me back.  As I do with all my clients, I asked Lori to write a testimonial about her experience and this is what she wrote:

So Imperfect That It's Perfect

"I can't thank you enough for creating such a masterpiece. I couldn't of dreamed up a better heart for Jeff and I. So imperfect that it's perfect!" -Lori

I began to think about this idea of being perfect. People tend to be afraid of the word “perfect” or striving for perfection. Yet how can we be closer to God or God-Like, Holy, and Complete if we aren’t willing to accept that we are already perfect, that we are worthy of perfection.  My work in general has focused on transcending duality and allowing a third thing to emerge, which is the Rainbow Light Body, the Merkaba or your personal vehicle to ascension. I realized through making this commission that the way to transcend duality is to see the perfection in it. To honor both sides as equal teachers in our evolution. I am good and bad, I am right and wrong, I am my old self and I am evolving, I am my heritage and I am free to be me, I am Jenny from the block and J-Lo!  I now know I have experienced this separation in order to understand I was never separate. If we see ourselves as a fractal of God and know that God is all things, then God is the Light and the Dark. They are working together for the highest good of all. It is the awareness of the feelings we experience in the third dimension on Earth that give us the access to the 5th Dimension where we co-create with the Universe to create a new reality. I can see it from every perspective so I no longer have to experience this again. I can see what I am not so that I can become what I am. My imperfection is perfect.


This wisdom is the awakening I have been waiting for, I was able to see that is was me that was being activated by my own art. It was me that needed to awaken my own Merkaba. The testimony I was waiting on was my own. The problem I had is that I was looking outside myself for the answers that could only be found inside.

I can see now how important it is to collaborate as we each hold a piece of the puzzle. The process of self awakening is how we wake up others and serve the Collective, serve God. These answers are found within. 


In an effort to spread this awareness, my team and I have made available low cost items you can look at everyday that will open a portal to your own understanding that you are Imperfectly Perfect and your perception of reality is what creates your reality.

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