Dear World,

Dear World,

We created a vibrant culture, solid in a studio, with the intention to provide people with the tools to shape and transform energy in the places they occupy.  Extraordinary functional pieces that raise the vibration of a space to create an experience of wonder. When one enters a new setting, a feeling is generated by the first impression.  My vision, art, hands, and eyes help people identify with what they want others to feel when they enter a particular environment and use the magical properties of glass to deliver that feeling.

When glass glistens, it fills the space with the vibration of its intention.  I wish to provide you with artwork that enhances your space and your life  by putting your intent into the piece.  Whether the wish is to excite, inspire or relax, the work made in the studio helps shape the optimal setting for the environment.  My thoughts are "why not make the places people spend time amazing?" When people are in the  ideal setting for the situation they will automatically feel at ease. and when those who inhabit your environment are at ease, they can fully appreciate you.


I am continuously grateful to the clients I have for trusting me with this responsibility by Allowing me to push the limits of creativity so I may pursue, practice, and prosper with the manifestation and creation of high vibrational, inspirational pieces that trigger love to be released. 


​With​​  Love- Natalie Ventimiglia Martin. ​

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