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Don't Know Who to Trust? Trust Yourself

Don't Know Who To Trust?

Trust Yourself

Being an artist is about creation. As opposed to creating physical art, my team and I were guided to create something different. From this came my class about Finding the Nexus, the magic spot where ideas overlap. This class highlights using discernment to figure out which ideas you want to keep and which ideas are no longer serving you. The curriculum has the following intention:

Create and trust your own relationship with Source/God/the field/your higher power, which is not outside of you, and utilize this connection to trust your own discernment and open up a gateway to your own intuitive gifts.

Developing your own relationship with the Universe IS awakening your intuitive abilities. How do you do that? Follow the signs. 

The class is formatted in a way that allows students to not only experience the class itself but to watch me take it and see how it has allowed me to awaken some new intuitive gifts. Through self-reflection, you are able to uncover the false illusions that you have been led to believe about yourself and about the world around you. When these illusions start to fall, you need to have the skillset to pick up the pieces and trust yourself. Trust your own discernment.

Explore the Class

If you want to change, you have to change. If you are looking for something different, the old structure must collapse in order to bring in a new structure. You have to hold space for yourself to change and also hold the space for others to change. In the class, I introduce you to new perspectives. I introduce ways for you to have new perspectives on both yourself and the world. I recommend this movieThrive II. I watched this movie, and I believe it is very much in alignment with a future that resembles Heaven on Earth. The trailer is below.

If you want to watch the movie, use my link to access it:

Thrive II: This Is What It Takes

If you wanna get a feel for what the class is like and how taking it is strengthening my own discernment, watch this video I created:

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