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Is Art the Gateway to Heaven on Earth? Why the Art?

When asking myself, “Why the art? Why are we doing this?” I realized the art I make is my contribution to the creation of Heaven on Earth. It is a merging or an emergence of the physical, the logical and spiritual, as One. Creating art in this way is the nexus of the skills that I have personally developed. One of these skills is heightened intuition. With this skill, I could solely do energy work, psychic readings, read tea leaves or coffee grounds, you name it. Yet my gift is the nexus of what I have learned. The sweet spot is this intersection of manipulating glass and manipulating energy in order to remind us how to create beauty in the physical.

Experiencing Heaven on Earth is my goal for this lifetime. Not just for me but for everyone who wants to experience it. If I’m going to do that, I’ve got to have a tangible, physical object to not only prove that what I’m feeling is real, yet to surround myself with true beauty. Once you have beauty all around you, you’ll settle for nothing less. “More of that please!” This physical, tangible object, opens that gateway. In order to bring Heaven to Earth, we have to physically bring something to Earth. Think of it like a souvenir, from a place you have been before but the memory is fuzzy. A place you know exists yet somehow it has alluded you in your current reality. The tangible art is a tool to remind you how to tap into the spiritual by removing the limitations of the logical mind. The art removes the filters that inflict doubt this place is obtainable here, right now. Making art in this way encourages us to detach from the outcome. We don’t know what’s going to happen when we push ourselves and this material to the extremes, but in the end, we know we will have beauty, we will have love, we live Heaven. 

For more information and a deeper understanding of this message and my own journey, Watch this 8 minute video. 

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