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An Eye For An Eye

A brief history of the "evil eye" and a look into its modern popularity.

What is the Evil Eye?

The evil eye has a dual meaning. Pictured above are amulets that are referred to as evil eyes, but the name is derived from what it protects against. The evil eye is often worn as an amulet to protect against negative energy, thought in ancient times to have been brought upon someone by an evil or envious glare.

A Brief History

The history of the evil eye is usually attributed to Ancient Greece and Rome, where it is mentioned in dramas and romances. After excavating an idol engraved with evil eye symbols from Mesopotamia, scientists now know that the symbol goes back as far as 3300 BC. The symbol has been found in artifacts from Ancient Egypt as the Eye of Horus, mentioned in Irish and Polish folklore, and in the Bible and the Quran. The most common telling of the story of the evil eye is from Ancient Greece. It states that those receiving more praise than deserved received "envious glares" from those around them. It was believed that the human eye could transmit negative energies, detrimentally affecting the lives of those on the receiving end of the glare. As a method of protection, amulets of the evil eye symbol were worn to ward off these evil energies and protect against any negativity.

The Modern Evil Eye

Today the evil eye symbol can be found in high fashion, tattoos, modern art, or jewelry. The symbol has maintained its popularity. The effect of this symbol, as with other religious/spiritual symbols, does not come from the physical object alone, but from the intention behind it. Whether placed on the wall as art, worn as jewelry, or carried as a talisman, the Evil Eye's protective quality is derived from the reminder of intentionality and state of mind. Your thoughts are your power. You give the symbol the power to protect against negative energy with belief and practice, allowing it to remind you to carry positive energy and high vibrations with you and only allow positive energy and high vibrations around you. This works both for warding off outward negativity and lower vibrations brought upon you by others and warding off inward negativity represented by anxiety and fear.

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