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The Merkabah

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

The Merkabah by Natalie Ventimiglia

Did you know you have more tools for Awakening and spiritual learning than you knew? Are you aware you have a Merkabah? Awareness is the first step to access.

The Merkabah is an extension of the energy body that has withstood the test of time. Cited in the various religious contexts and historical texts, the Merkabah can be found in the Bible, the pre-Kaballah texts, and even Ancient Egyptian writings or texts from Mesopotamia. In Hebrew, it means "chariot." It is mentioned as the vehicle in which Ezekiel is brought to heaven. Broken down, the text describes exactly what this term encompasses. "Mer" means light, "ka" means spirit, and "bah" means body. The Merkabah is described as a vehicle of divine light through which the spirit can travel and connect to higher levels of vibrational energy or spiritual realms.

Sounds amazing, right? Well, thankfully, everyone has one. For a Merkabah to function, it must be activated. This can be done through awareness, belief, and attention. The power of the mind is unlimited, and you don't need a vehicle to travel and learn from other realms.

The emphasized values of the Merkabah are unity, togetherness, and communication. It is a perfect harmony of the left and right, the masculine and feminine, the Yin and Yang. This is evident in the fusion of the mind, body, and spirit needed to activate it. It is furthered when one uses it to connect to the Light. It opens communication between the physical realm on Earth and the spiritual realms above. When one taps into the awareness of the infinite possibilities and the connectedness of all things, there is nothing that isn't possible. You are now aware. Activate your Merkabah and fly.

When approached with a commission that needed to promote understanding, communication, and coming-together, the Merkabah was the perfect inspiration. The Merkabah is a colorful commission that was created for a GlassTec conference in Germany. After serving its purpose, the piece went into storage, where it is awaiting the call of another environment that is yearning for those values of unity, openness, and understanding.

Check out Natalie's video below for more information on the Merkabah.

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